About US:

We don’t claim we can change the world, but we do claim there are alternative approaches to unresolved global issues that deserve trying. These issues include, but are not limited to, extreme poverty and inequality; environmental concerns; drug trafficking; money laundering; weapon-smuggling; violence and terrorism; sex tourism and forced migration; trade in human organs; and epidemic diseases. Indeed, by unresolved global issues we mean evil global phenomena as oppose to global common goods.

The notion ‘alternative’ demands an explanation here. The intention of this initiative is to offer approaches that go beyond the dominant utilitarian, economics-based attitudes, and the mainstream rampant individualism and hedonism. Alternative approaches, despite its global claim, will not be aiming at a world revolution. Rather, it claims to be modest endeavor to introduce interruptions to public debates particularly where traditional inhumane practices have been accepted as norm. It will side political analyses with literary perspectives, philosophical theories with artistic efforts, and rational scrutiny with spirituality. Alternative perspectives, then, are cross-cultural and set a dialogical bridge between philosophical arguments and public deliberation. Religious and mystical resources and cultural complexities will be explored along with social criticism. The best of our world’s cultural heritage is to be actively exploited as an antidote to the major threat humanity is facing: excessive individualism, unbridled hedonism, and nihilism.

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