Our global community is in agony. Terrorism and violence, conflicts and wars, extreme poverty and inequality;
environmental issues, drug and human trafficking; weapon-smuggling, trade in human organs, and epidemic diseases are threatening our community of mankind. ​​The recent emergence of religious terrorism threatening almost all societies on one hand, and the inability of the mainstream politics to look for the real causes of terror on the other, urges trying alternative perspectives of spirituality and ethics as panacea for these problems.  Beside this, the rise of extreme rightist fractions in politics is agitating hate and blasphemy, causing fragmentation in the human fraternity, and consequently taints the visions for love, hope, and solidarity. Too much weight invested in unbridled individualism, and a distorted understanding of liberties, has caused deep inequality, poverty, and hopelessness. Considering these threats to our own common humanity, and meager commitments to dedicate resources to protect human destiny, what alternatives exist?   

As a global initiative, Alternative Perspectives and Global Concerns brings together all of those who have committed themselves to address these threats to humanity effectively. We, members and friends of APGC, believe that there are alternative perspectives in ethics and spirituality with the potential in resolving the persisting problems. We do not claim that we provide definite solutions for those malaises. Our faith simply is that those alternatives worth trying. This faith could open new horizons to extend our ability, expertise, and knowledge to the areas of life in which our humanity has been affected. Imperative in this belief is a good grasp of heritage of the nations who have been able to introduce alternative perspectives from their own culture, identity, and history. India, the land of historical heritage, and the cradle of civilization, exposes its experience as a unique model for the world. Inspired by deep mystical outlooks forming an astonishing philosophy of life, India has presented a specific polity that must be delved profoundly to know how to encounter global evils. APGC aspires to explore the fine blend of mysticism and politics in India today. More importantly, as an emerging economy, a rooted democracy, and a neat multicultural society, India inspires APGC to further explore the interplay between mysticism and politics in addressing global concerns.