Conference Details

16th Conference: "The Persian Thanksgiving: Mehregān Festivals Love, Compassion, and Friendship".

15th Conference: "Faith in Democracy, Volos Academy of Theology".

The 14th Conference: "Mysticism, Spirituality and Politics in an Age of Globality"

The 13th Conference: "From Imprisonment to Grassroots Projects: A Global Dialogue".

The 12th Conference: "Faith and the Future: Religious Responses to the Environmental Crisis".

The 11th Conference: "Esoterism and Global Ethics: A Conversation on the Return of Spirituality in the Lifeworld".

The 10th Conference: "International Conference in a Series Ethics, Spirituality, and Global Development".

The 9th Conference: "African Perspectives and Ethics of Globality".

The 8th Conference: "Globality, Unequal Development, and Ethics of Duty".

The 7th Conference: "Global Citizenship".

The 6th conference: A Dialogue on Alternative Perspectives and Global Concerns in International Security and Sustainability

The 5th conference: Moral Psychology of Terrorism: Implications for Security

The 4th conference: Root Causes of Terrorism: A Religious Studies Perspective

The 3rd Conference: The Wrongfulness of Terrorist Actions: An Interfaith Perspective

The 2nd International conference: The Ethical Wrongfulness of Terrorist Actions

The 1st conference: Ethical Directions in International Relations